Fishery in EritreaEritrea’s Unexploited Fishing Treasures

The waters of the Red Sea are highly productive, supporting substantial population of diverse marine species, with around 1,000 known species of fish and 220 species of corals [3] .Eritrea owns more than 1,100 km coastline on the Red Sea. It has major marine resources that have barely been exploited.

Fishery has been an important activity in Eritrea since the 1950’s. Peak fish production reached 54,000 tons in 1954 and the bulk of it was for exports. The maximum attainable yield of fish resources available in the EEZ of Eritrea is estimated to be about 80,000 MT per annum and encompasses 63% pelagic, 23% demersal, 6% sharks, 6% reef fish and 2% shrimps, crabs, and lobsters.