Eritrea’s has a history of good oil and gas results from past explorations. Although exploration started back in 1921, only eleven wells have ever been drilled in Eritrean waters, with a further 12 shallow holes back in the 1940’s on offshore islands. Eight of the offshore wells had good oil or gas shows, and the widespread occurrence of seeps is further evidence of a working petroleum system.

The hydrocarbon exploration history of the Eritrean Red Sea goes as far back as early 1920 s when the Italian firm Societa Mineraria Del Africa Oriental, undertook the drilling of a well to few hundred meters depth. Eritrea also has taken on exploration activities, including drilling 12 deep and 11 shallow wells and acquiring 40,000 km of 2-D seismic data.

Recent security improvements and successful E&P activities elsewhere in East Africa have convinced the government to step up promotion of its untapped Oil &Gas resources in the Red Sea area.